September 10, 2015

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Manufacturing Matters; And We Are ALL IN!



We GIVE YOU MORE than just components. We know industrial and we care about your success.

        With that, we provide full solutions for your plant, construction, and system integration.







Automation Solution ConsultantsRockwell-Auth-Dist

CED Bowling Green’s vast automation systems product range can provide a completely integrated automation solution for both the Factory and Process Automation industries, courtesy of an exclusive partnership with Rockwell Automation.


We invite you to access training opportunities, work through potential solutions, and find new products and software using our team of Automation Solution Consultants.

As your only local Rockwell Automation distributor, we have high standards in product, stock, and training to support their products and your production!

Our solution consultants can help you DEFINE any issues in your process, DEVELOP a solution to improve your process, and DELIVER that solution with the right components, support and service. The continuously improve, modernize and stock for the future.

All to help local businesses, like ours; manufacturers, contractors and system integrators be more successful and competitive in their industries and the world.